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Khao Yai, Nakorn Ratchasima(Korat), Thailand


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Rabiang Dao Privilege home, only 1 hour and half drive from city of Bangkok. The houses are perched on a valley 300 feet above sea level, embraced by mountain front of Khao Yai Natural Park , Which is Thailand’s oldest and most visited reserce . Covering 2168 sq km, Khao Yai incorporates one of the largest intact monsoon forests remaining in mainland Asia, which is why is was named a Unesco World heritage site. Themostly English-speaking staff at the visitor centre are very friendly and helpful.

Rising to 135 lm with the summit of Khao Rom, the park’s terrain covers five vegetation zones: evergreen rainforest ( 100 m to 400 m ); seni-evergreen rainforest ( 400 m to 900m ) ; mixed deciduous forest ( northern slopes at 400m to 600m ); hill evergreen forest ( over 1,000m ); and savannah and secondary – growth forest in areas where agriculture and logging occurred before it was protected. Many or-chids bloom from the middle of June through the end of July, one of the few benefits of rainy-season visits.

Some 250 wild elephants tramp the park’s boundaries; other mammals recorded include sambar deer, barking deer, gaur, Malayan sun bears, Asiatic black bears, tigers, leopards, otters, and various gibbons and macaques. Khao Yai also has one of Thailand’s largest populations of hornbills, including the great hornbill ( nok kok or nok kaahang in Thai ) , king of the bird kingdom, as well as the wreathed hornbill ( nok graam chaang: literally, elephant-jaw bird’ ) Indian pied hornbill ( nok khaed ) and brown hornbill ( nok ngeuak sii nam taan ) Hornbills breed from January to march, and this is the best time to see them. Over 200 bird species make the park their home and some 315 have been recorded.

There are two primary entrances into the park . The first is the northern entrance through Nakhon Ratchasima Province, with sleeping and transport options originating out of the backpacker town of Pak Chong . The second option is the southern entrance in Prachinburi Province , which is closer to Bangkok and a popular weekend destination for residents of the capital.


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